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  • Performer The Book 1

    The book will comprise of over 100 artists. Burlesque dancers, Fire dancers, glass walkers, Sword Swallowers, Stilt walkers, Aerialists, Dancers, pole dancers, Drag Queens. I will be photographing them on stage and in a studio or location setting. Each artist will have a dedicated page on their bio along with some questions on how they became an artist.

  • Performer The Book 2

    Performer The Book is a personal project created by Sam Fielding, an English portrait photographer living in Los Angeles. It follows the lives of 100 night performers. Drag, Burlesque, Fire, Ariel, Sword swallowers, Magicians and many more in 7 different cities around the world.

  • Performer The Book 3

    “Performer: The Book” will be a glossy coffee table book that features dazzling images of over 100 artists captured by celebrated international photographer Sam Fielding. Fielding is currently traveling the world to tap into the rarely seen underworld of alternative performance artists who strut their stuff in the shadows. She recently finished year one of the three-year project.

  • Butch Locsin for Performer The Book

    Part of the videos created for Performer. An expression into the worlds of the night performer, captured around the world. Performer is a coffee table book, a traveling show, a documentary and smooch more!