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The Photographer


The gentle curiosity that Sam Fielding brings to her photography is the same curiosity she had as a child, peering through the keyhole into a world she grew up around -- the world of the night-time performer. This book/exhibition/entry has perhaps been gestating ever since she was a young girl enthralled by the color, verve and flamboyance of the glamorous environment in which she was raised.  

            From the age of three to fifteen, Sam grew up in the port town of Puerto Banus, Marbella, where her mum ran a hair salon and nightclub which was next door to a famous nightspot, GiGi's. Her first memory was watching the drag queen-loving club owner, GiGi, strut down the street wearing a Brazilian carnival costume, replete with feathers and head-dress, looking like a goddess. "When my mum leaned over and whispered 'That is a man', I was mesmerized. I couldn't take my eyes off her," said Sam.

            So began a life-time of curiosity, forever watching life play itself out.  Once the quiet, secret observer, Sam is now an acclaimed photographer,using that same inquiring mind to inform her creativity. In many respects, this book is as much a nod to her childhood as it is to the artists she features. Past and present have merged into one to document a scene of long-held fascination.

            Today, Sam Fielding -- British; an adopted Angelino -- is a married mother of two. She studied photography at the Fine Arts College in Belsize Park, London, and trained with some of the most celebrated photographers of our time. She has since honed her craft in Southern California, and her vibrant, heart-filled work, with its unique eye, has featured in exhibitions, magazines, ad-campaigns and literary journals.